Italian photographer living and working in Madrid, Spain.

My works reveal a intimate window to the inner world, to speak about social contemporary issues as mental health, with a strong connection to nature and to my motherland Venice, Italy.


2005/2010 - Art School "A. Modigliani" Padua, Italy

2017/2018 - EFTI School of Photography and Cinema, Madrid Spain

2019 at present - History of Art UNED, Madrid Spain

2021 at present - History, culture and contemporary thought of the 20th century. UNED, Madrid Spain

Exhibitions & Festivals

2018 - "Ceci n'est pas un pays" at l'Emplacement Botiques Ephémèresin in Toulouse, France.

2019 - "No Soy Yo" at La Latente Espacio Creativo, during the 3rd edition of the Art Banchel Festival in Madrid, Spain, as part of the micro-residence program "1 Artista 1 Día" curated by Andrea Perissinotto.

2022 - Collective exhibition at "Laecléctica" Gallery during the 6th edition of the Hybrid Art Fair & Festival in Madrid, Spain.

Publications & Awards

2018 - Winner of an accesit grant for the Master of Photography and Postproduction at TooManyFlash, Madrid, Spain.

2019 - Publication on the online magazine YanMag.

2019 - Publication on the online edition of Dodho Magazine.

2019 - Publication on the print edition Aesthetica Magazine Issue 91.

2020 - Publication on the online magazine Art Connect.

2020 - Part of the "O.O.A.A." project curated by Omar Jerez, published on

2021 - Winner of an accesit grant for the Master of Fashion and Advertising Photography at TooManyFlash, Madrid, Spain.

2021 - Part of the curatorial project "Infinito 8x8" of Andrea Perissinotto in collaboration with the magazine YanMag.

2022 - Publication on the online magazine Tarántula with the occasion of the 6th edition of the Hybrid Art Fair.

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